Why Cottage Glen

Here's a space where residents can share their reasons for living in Cottage Glen.
  • When I first drove into Cottage Glen, I loved the feeling of the place. 
  • Cottage Glen has that 'Door County' ambiance. 
  • I love having the pools.
  • It's very close to The Clearing.
  • Having an onsite caretaker to watch over my unit when I am away.
  • Being part of an active community.
  • Having wooded walking paths right outside my front door.
  • It just felt like home.
  • I love the far north part of Door County and Cottage Glen is in the heart of the far north.
  • Being able to live in a condo community and create my own garden.
  • I love having living space all on one level. (Duplex owner)
  • Being able to walk to the beach.
  • Being so close to The Pioneer Store.
  • I was impressed with the high quality construction and thick exterior walls.
  • It appealed to the artist in me.
  • I liked the respect for the environment and habitat shown by the developer. 
  • I needed a condo that allowed pets and Cottage Glen seemed (and is) very pet friendly. 
  • I liked that high speed internet was available.
  • I can walk, walk, walk ... within Cottage Glen, or from Cottage Glen on many scenic routes. 
Visit the Cottage Glen website for more information.

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