Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Boys in Cottage Glen

In the summer, as in all of Door County, Cottage Glen blossoms into life. Residents are blessed with the arrival of children and grandchildren. The pathways and normally quiet streets are suddenly alive with children on bicycles or boys with squirt or laser guns as they refight various world wide conflicts.
The Gangsta's

Decorated "Spy" Bikes

For the past four years my grandsons and nephews have spent most or all of July with me. My grandsons live in Oregon and the older one comes to spend six weeks with me. This year my younger grandson was here for two weeks, the older one for eight weeks and my two youngest nephews were here for four weeks. This year the boys are from 7-13 years of age.

Video Games
They love their time here in Cottage Glen. I do have every video game known to mankind which does help me keep them entertained.  I try to limit game time each day to two hours and then we go out into the wonderful world of Door County and Cottage Glen.

Board Games

Lego Robot and Builder
We play board games, build Legos and fight battles with Legos or army men. Of course they also love to move to the streets and pathways to fight "real" battles. This year I got them some laser guns and we sent many hours in the Ellison Bay park as they hid behind the trees to fight win and lose their battles. One year we found 'gangsta' hats at Nelson's in Fish Creek and they spent a couple of weeks playing as 'gangstas'. Later that same year they decorated their bicycles with cardboard and rode all over as spies (or gangsta depending on the day).

Cottage Glen Indoor Pool

Ellison Bay Park Beach

Of course we go swimming regularly. We really enjoy the both pools, but we also occassionally go to the Ellison Bay beach where the boys have lots of fun playing in the surf and sand.

Renaissance Faire

American Folklore Theatre reviews

There are so many things for kids to do in Door County. The boys enjoy go-carting, miniature golfing at all four golf courses, climbing the tower, seeing performances at American Folklore Theatre, doing art projects at Hands-on-Art, playing with the animals at The Farm, fighting battles at the Renaissance Faire in June and early July, eating frozen custard at Not-Licked Yet (and looking for frogs in the stream) and choosing a new flavor at Door County Ice Cream Factory. This year we've been enjoying gelato from The Creamery in Sister Bay.

At Cave Point

Finally tall enough to drive!!

I solved the cube this summer!!
Artwork created in Cottage Glen by 12 and 13 year old boys.
This year the oldest two and I drove around Door County taking pictures and then spent the rest of their week here together creating a painting a from their pictures.
Metal Work created at Hand-On Art Studio by 12-13 year old boys. Displayed in a Cottage Glen garden.

Part of our tradition is going to Hands-On Art Studio several times. The oldest two are now able to do metal working, so they have been adding to the metal sculptures in my garden. But in general, at Hands-On, our favorite activity is doing fused glass. All of them have contributed to my growing fused glass collection.

Four fused glass projects created at Hands-On Art Studio by my boys ages 7-13 years old.

I asked my grandson, who is here with me this week by himself, what he likes about Cottage Glen. He says he loves being with his cousins and his grandmother. He also loves swimming and video games. He says that it is calming and up here and "The scenery is beautiful in Cottage Glen".

He loves it up here in Cottage Glen and can't wait to return each summer

Frog we found at the outdoor pool

Your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, step children, children of friends will find much to love and explore in Door County.


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